Construction Parts

Our company provides various special accessories for major building formwork systems and scaffolding brands in Europe and the United States all year round, and the product quality is widely praised by customers.

Electrical Fittings

Keva casting can professionally OEM custom-made all kinds of couplings, line fittings, transformer fittings, connection fittings, protection fittings, anchoring fittings, suspension fittings, fixing clamps and other cast steel, cast iron or alloy castings.

Automobile Parts

The use of advanced inspection equipment to strictly control the production quality makes our company's shell molding a perfect substitute for automatic molding lines or traditional precision casting processes. Provide OEM customized services for various auto parts.

Railway Parts

Keva casting can customize the production of railway anti-climbing devices, rail clamps, guard rail pads, gusset plates, gauge baffles, rail supports, height-adjusting fasteners and mining car accessories of various countries' cast steel, cast iron and alloy material standards.

Machinery Parts

Keva casting can produce cast steel or cast iron accessories for all kinds of mining machinery, engineering machinery, internal combustion engines, general machinery, machine tools, metallurgical equipment, electrical machinery and other industries.

Agrimotor Parts

Keva casting is suitable for the production of cast steel and cast iron accessories for various agricultural tractors, planters, harvesters, rippers, lawnmowers, sprinkler irrigation machinery, feed mixers, mixers, etc.

Valve Parts

Shell molding is the best process for producing cast steel and ductile iron valve parts. We can OEM customized production of various standard valve body, valve plate, valve cover and other parts.