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Why Do We Use Castings

The most obvious reason to choose the casting process over other processes is it’s the most simple and direct method to obtain a near net shape component for further processing. One of the foundational concepts of casting design is that you can put the metal where you need it.

For example, in a welded fabrication, tapered material cross sections to reduce stress risers are difficult to make, whereas a casting design can add these features at no cost. Fabrications often require the use of “doubler” plates to change material thickness which can be unsightly. Castings can add material thickness, while still maintaining the aesthetics of the part.

The size of a part is not a limiting factor for castings. The adaptability of the process can allow for making parts that weigh as little as several grams to over several hundred tons. The casting process also offers freedom in the quantities that can be made; small prototype orders or large production lot sizes aren’t a problem.

Keva Casting is a professional casting company that focuses on Construction, Machinery, Automobile, Hardware, Pipeline and many other industries.
We provide top quality products with the best service based on our complete production chain including our own mold design, advanced production techniques, and full management of the supply chain. Keva Casting has two factories located in Zhucheng, China's Shandong province.
We use "shell molding", which is a new technique that has been developed in recent years.This new technique has simplified production procedures and reduced air pollution compared with traditional sand casting and investment casting. Shell making and core making are faster to ensure production in enormous quantities. The dimensions and surface finishing are satisfactory for all kinds of industrial requirements. Besides supplying our own formwork & scaffolding systems, our casting products also supply OEM services in various industries.