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June 2022 crude steel production

World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 158.1 million tonnes (Mt) in June 2022, a 5.9% decrease compared to June 2021.

Crude steel production by region

Africa produced 1.2 Mt in June 2022, down 18.7% on June 2021. Asia and Oceania produced 118.8 Mt, down 3.1%. The EU (27) produced 11.8 Mt, down 12.2%. Europe, Other produced 3.8 Mt, down 10.9%. The Middle East produced 3.4 Mt, down 5.0%. North America produced 9.6 Mt, down 2.4%. Russia & other CIS + Ukraine produced 5.9 Mt, down 34.3%. South America produced 3.7 Mt, down 4.9%.

The 64 countries included in this table accounted for approximately 98% of total world crude steel production in 2021. Regions and countries covered by the table:

? Africa: Egypt, Libya, South Africa
? Asia and Oceania: Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Vietnam
? European Union (27)
? Europe, Other: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, United Kingdom
? Middle East: Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
? North America: Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States
? Russia & other CIS + Ukraine: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
? South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Top 10 steel-producing countries

China produced 90.7 Mt in June 2022, down 3.3% on June 2021. India produced 10.0 Mt, up 6.3%. Japan produced 7.4 Mt, down 8.1%. The United States produced 6.9 Mt, down 4.2%. Russia is estimated to have produced 5.0 Mt, down 22.2%. South Korea is estimated to have produced 5.6 Mt, down 6.0%. Germany produced 3.2 Mt, down 7.0%. Turkey produced 2.9 Mt, down 13.1%. Brazil is estimated to have produced 2.9 Mt, down 6.1%. Iran is estimated to have produced 2.2 Mt, down 10.8%.

e – estimated. Ranking of top 10 producing countries is based on year-to-date aggregate


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