Keva Casting is a professional casting company that focuses on Construction, Machinery, Automobile, Hardware, Pipeline and many other industries.

We provide top quality products with the best service based on our complete production chain including our own mold design, advanced production techniques, and full management of the supply chain. Keva Casting has two factories located in Zhucheng, China's Shandong province.

We use "shell molding", which is a new technique that has been developed in recent years.This new technique has simplified production procedures and reduced air pollution compared with traditional sand casting and investment casting. Shell making and core making are faster to ensure production in enormous quantities. The dimensions and surface finishing are satisfactory for all kinds of industrial requirements. Besides supplying our own formwork & scaffolding systems, our casting products also supply OEM services in various industries.

Range of Products

While the company’s products provide the Group with various construction formwork, scaffolding and other supporting casting products, they are also widely used in electric power fittings, pipeline valves, machinery, hardware, automobiles, railways, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, mining machinery and other industries. It has nearly a hundred stable customer groups, and has the ability to produce more than 150 tons of precision castings per month. 100% of the products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions.

Casting Foundry

The production workshop is equipped with casting electric furnaces, automatic mold production lines, heat treatment furnaces and other equipment. At the same time, it uses advanced testing equipment, including furnace front analyzers, spectrometers, metallographic microscopes, tensile testing machines, pressure testing machines, hardness testing machines, etc. All production environments are strictly inspected and controlled, and 100% manual picking is carried out. Our company has passed ISO 9001:2015 and EU CE certification, and strictly controls the production process to ensure product quality. And has obtained a full set of environmental assessment qualifications.


Our mission is to provide customers with the best quality products and services through complete mold design and production, excellent production technology and perfect supply chain management. With strong human resources, advanced process equipment, product introduction capabilities, reliable quality assurance, and modern management methods, Keva Casting Co., Ltd. has become a well-known manufacturer in the field of commercial casting. We look forward to your sincere cooperation.